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Branded Mailers

Branded Mailers


Branded Mailers ship flat and are assembled after shipping.  A Branded Mailer can be customized on the outside as well as the inside, or left in the board's natural, white, black, or brown state. Printing or Foil Stamping are both options. When Foil stamping on special paper in your company color(s) are both options to get your packaging involved in the branding of your company.

Since, the custom mailers are shipped flat, they are a perfect solution for companies that have storage restrictions.

By using this box instead of a regular folding box, or rigid box, you can cut the cost, and space allotment. Die Cut, Perforated, Platform and Accordion Inserts can be made, so one size box can fit different size items.


When an inner box is used, the mailer can be customized to match the look of the inner box.

There are several different style mailers, and most mailers can be made to the exact fit you need for your product, or for the box within.



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